The frenzy of the summer art fair season

This year marks my first season of fairs, and  I have committed myself to 3 fairs in the Chicagoland area… all in the month of June.  Go big or go home.

I have a borrowed tent to use.  I purchased a few shelving units from IKEA.  My nights have been scheduled out for the past 3 weeks with product goals.  My square (to run credit cards via my phone) has been registered and sits in its little padding on my desk ready for the big day.  My paper bags have been ordered (and arrived 2 days later!), and I have organized the explosion of wrapping materials in our attic.  I’ve boxed all my current stock, filling over 3 rubbermaid tubs.  Artisan-made chopsticks are on their way from Hawaii to Chicago.  I started the layout for my booth banner.  I have lists upon lists (inventory goals, things to buy, things to bring, current inventory…).  I have 6 noodle bowls, 3 ring trees, 3 nesting bowls, and 10 tumblers waiting to be picked up in Highland Park; there are also 6 mugs and 2 chip and dips being fired at Penguin Foot.  And there are officially 3 days until my first fair.

The to-do list:  clay, clay, and more clay (followed by lots of glazing); sew together pieces of booth banner; purchase more tubs for product storage; create a proper inventory list of the artwork; pick up glaze fired work; assemble my booth kit; breathe.

Although I don’t think I’ll really feel ready ever, I am very excited to start, and looking forward with great anticipation (and a good amount of trepidation) to the first fair of the season.  I would love to see my friends and family while I’m manning my booth; I’ve been told that photos don’t really do the glaze justice – come see the physical products of this labor of love!

To the dates!

June 4 & 5 – Do Division, Chicago – I’ll be sharing booth space with Alexandra from MAKA designs

June 11 & 12 – Hinsdale Fine Arts Festival – All on my own, this is my solo space

June 24 & 25 – Highland Park Festival of Fine Craft – Natalie Steinmetz, one of my favorite folks at the art center, is my boothmate at my last fair

As mentioned, I’d love to see any of you at any of these.  Outdoor fairs in Chicago show off some of the lifeblood of the city, so I’m looking forward to adding to that lifeblood by displaying the products of my passion.