Jenn Gavlin is a studio potter living in Seattle, WA. Her love affair with clay began back in high school during her first session with a wheel. She has taught ceramics classes to adults, teens, and children at the Highland Park Art Center, Penguin Foot Pottery, and most recently at the Kirkland Arts Center.

Jenn works out of her basement studio in the Central District, a space just big enough for one. She works mostly in porcelain, oxidation fired to cone 6. Images featured on mugs and bowls are taken from her own sketches and applied by laser printer decals after the glaze firing. A decal is printed on waterslide paper, affixed to a mug like a temporary tattoo, and then put back in the kiln for a 3rd firing. The heat burns away paper and toner, leaving just the iron oxide in a sepia toned image.

In her own work, Jenn considers herself a functional potter first, working mostly on the wheel to make objects to be used in everyday life. She sees beauty in the well-crafted “normal,” taking pleasure in knowing that the works she creates are touched and experienced regularly by their owners.

Questions, comments, concerns?
Jenn can be reached at theplayfulpotter@gmail.com